Friday, 22 March 2019


Reading - complete questions on extract 1 and 2 in your booklet (focus on underlining key words in the question and text) 

Maths - complete reasoning paper (use your revision guide to help you if you find any questions tricky) 

Spellings - suffix -ation revision (rule 7 on spelling frame) 

Thursday, 21 March 2019

Happy Poetry Day from Y6

Here are a few poems we read and enjoyed today.

Sunday, 17 March 2019

Want to get ahead for next week? Check out the English and Maths video below...

Introduction to Present Perfect Tense

Introduction to Ratio and Proportion 

Friday, 15 March 2019

Homework - due Wed 20th March

Reading: extract 6 'A Little Princess'

Grammar: complete pages 14-16 on conjunctions and 19-20 on progressive tense in your question book

Spelling: complete pages 90-91 in your grammar question book 'ough' letter string - see spelling words below                        (test on 22nd March) 

Maths: complete page 12 (BODMAS), page 19 (Fractions) and page 14 (Money) in your maths question book Rule 3 

Wednesday, 13 March 2019

A lovely quote that links with our History - keep smiling Y6

SATS Parent Presentation

Thank you to all the parents/carers for attending the presentation. 

I will be giving out handouts to the children of the parents who couldn't make it, which explains everything that I went through in the presentation. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact school or ask me in parent consultations next week. 

Thank you, Miss Armitage 

Thursday, 7 March 2019

Lots of reading took place this morning for World Book Day in Y6

World Book Day launched the opening of our new library - Y6 were first to explore it and enjoy reading for pleasure

World Book Day launched the opening of our new library - Y6 were first to explore it and enjoy reading for pleasure

Few extra characters too from other books...

Happy World Book Day from Y6 - can you guess our theme/books?

What great costumes!

Happy World Book Day from Y6 - can you guess our theme/books?

What fantastic costumes Y6 have made!


Maths: read page 72-77 in your maths text book, then answer questions on pages 35-38 in your question book. 

English: reading extract 5 'Should we install a graffiti wall?'

               grammar question book - pages 56-57 - punctuating speech 

Spellings: complete 2 pages in spelling booklet of muddled words

Spelling words: rule 2 on spelling frame for a quiz on 15th March

Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Have you started your Readathon journey?

We are very excited to be taking part in Read for Good's Readathon, a wonderful and time-tested way of motivating children to read for pleasure.


Pupils choose whatever they like to read - from comics to classics, magazines to blogs - and the money they raise in sponsorship helps to provide books for schools, as well as a regular supply of brand new books and storyteller visits to our local major children's hospital and hospitals all over the UK. Plus, we will receive 20% of the money raised to buy books for our school - it's amazing!

You can sponsor your child online  
Click here to donate for the Readathon

If you want to find out more about how the money raised helps children in hospital  Click here.  

Your child will also be provided with a sponsorship card if you haven't got access to the internet.

Have you started your Readathon journey? 

Thursday, 28 February 2019

Look at these words Y6 have come across in their reading this week! Who will use them in their writing?

Ask the children what these words mean - you will be impressed!

Homework due 6th March

Reading: complete extract 4 comprehension - The Story of Georges de Mestral 

Grammar: subject, object, active and passive voice revision - answer questions in question book on pages 22-26

Spellings: see previous post on blog with spelling words and complete pages 74-79 in your question books 

Maths: read pages 65-71 on measurement in your revision guide text book, then answer pages 31-34 in question book

Want to get ahead or want extra work to do? 

Next week, we will be studying perimeter, area and volume. Read pages 72-77 in your revision guide and answer the mini questions at the bottom of each page. 

Don't forget that you can go on TT Rockstars to improve on your times tables:

In English, we will be learning about progressive tense - watch Mr Bean below to see if you can work out what it is 

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Spellings to learn for the test on 8th March  - Rule 1 on Spelling Frame if you want to play the games and test yourself!

Mystery numbers...After solving lots of these questions, Y6 then created their own mystery number problems. Can you solve them below?

I doubled the number, added 6 then divided it by 3. What was the number I started with?

I started with a prime number less than 10. Doubled it and the answer is between 13 and 20. What was the prime number?

We have learned about how drugs impact our bodies and used that information in a role play scenario - how would you persuade your friend to stop smoking?

Saturday, 16 February 2019

Parent - Teacher Consultations

Have you booked your appointment yet?

 If not, please use this link:

Friday, 15 February 2019


Reading - complete extract 2 (How to make a flip book) and extract 3 (newspaper report) 

Grammar - complete test paper - use your revision guide to help you if needed 

Maths - complete test papers (arithmetic and reasoning) - use your revision guide to help you if needed

Spellings - revise previous spelling patterns (all on the blog/in your planner/on spellingframe). We will be doing weekly quizzes on all the spelling patterns. 

Want to do extra? 

Why not research WW2 and make a model/poster/leaflet about your findings?  (extra maths times table practice)    (extra spelling practice)

Have a lovely half-term holiday 😊

Sunday, 10 February 2019

More WW2 design and technology...

Y6 made Spitfires, following a template. Then, they created their very own, personalised planes. Great discussions had about designs and the science of flying!

Baking a war-time recipe...Honey Cakes

Y6 found the taste peculiar as it was cooked without using any eggs...we decided cakes taste much better with egg. Aren't we lucky food isn't rationed anymore!

Baking a war-time recipe...Honey Cakes

Baking a war-time recipe...Honey Cakes